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Vine School Health Center Welcomes You

Healthy Students are Students Ready to Learn

High Fives


* We have Pfizer COVID19 vaccines for everyone,

6 months to adults!

Call to schedule your appointment!

*We offer all recommended vaccines from birth to 18 years old!


Call NOW to make your appointment for Kindergarten vaccines as well as vaccines required for 7th grade before school starts! 

Scheduled Closures:

May 27th

June 19th

July 3-5th

Make A Difference:

Patient Portal:\portal\sso


Click the link above to:

1. View your upcoming appointments

2. Securely communicate with your provider

3. View your health information

*If you experience difficulty login in please feel free to call us or ask us at your next appointment

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Who We Are

The Vine School Health Center has become a model of innovation for healthcare solutions that meet the needs of children and families who live in Knox County Tennessee. We are accessible to all children and families living in Knox County and provide quality pediatric medical care and mental health services that foster the overall physical, mental, and behavioral health of those in the community. 

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